Autumn Writing Contest submission

Schuyler Bain:

Born into a wealthy family, Schuyler Bain was well educated and next in line to take over his families’ lucrative shipping company. Started by his great-great grandfather, the Bain Shipping Co. had an impeccable reputation. Their services and expertise were highly praised and sought after throughout the known world. Days before Schuyler was to begin his rapid ascent to the top seat within his families company, an Imperial investigation released its findings. They had been investigating Bain Shipping Company for several years and had discovered that Schuyler’s father was a founding member of an underground organization known for its treachery on the high seas. The companies’ headquarters and holdings were seized and Schuyler’s father was taken into custody. The fall is the Bain dynasty drove Schuyler’s mother into a deep depression that quickly destroyed her soul. She was remanded to an institution where she died only a few months after arriving.

Offered two options by the King’s Navy, Schuyler could be sent to a work camp on some god-forsaken island where he would be punished for his father’s indiscretions, or enlistment in the King’s Navy. Deciding that there was really no difference between the two, he created a third option… gathering what little gold was left in his private account, Schuyler purchased passage on a run-down piece-of-shit frigate captained by a scruffy looking man and his enormous first mate. The voyage to the other side of the world seemed to take forever, but Schuyler had grown up on the sea. He had made many a voyage with his father when he was younger and found himself feeling rather at home on the high seas.

The rest, as they say, is another tale for another time.

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