Attack after life.

I was escorting a friend to the after life and having a lovely chat. We entered and soon he moved past the first stage of it. I was not allowed to follow him there, I’m not allowed to follow anyone there.

I turned around and started my way back to the world of the living, I saw Merrick for a moment. He returned to the world of the living rather quickly, he wasn’t ready to stay in the after life, few ever are.

Something stranger happened after that, I saw the face of a red. This darn magi from another world again. This is getting old, but now I see him here? Something strange must be happening, I’m sure of it. I know he could be dead, is dead really, but not dead either, yeah lets not go into that now, back on topic Trance. We still haven’t….

Oh wonderful, a second of a few unsavory places all showed up, the monsters stayed while the land around them disappeared…

A planer shift? Why would someone want to transport living….

Oh my this is bad… Must fix, must fix now!…

Oh good you look like a lot that could handle yourselves. I said to a few people sitting around the well by the bank of a well formed town.

I went on and didn’t really wait for them to answer much, this needed to be fixed, and fast. There are some creatures taking up residence in the first stage of the after life. We need you to kill them, Life on this world is at stake.

I didn’t have the heart to tell them if they didn’t fix it no one would resurrect again. They didn’t seem to need to hear it either. They all quickly went through the small rift I made for them to the after life. They where living too so they should be able to kill the monsters, even here. Keith and Merrick slue one of the mongbats. It didn’t get up, it’s friend wasn’t too happy, but I was.

They worked their way through the area that was infected by the living. I let them be on the journey. I couldn’t interfere, it wasn’t like another god, demi or otherwise was doing this. I watched waited. Please find them all I said to myself. I don’t want something else going bad! I said nothing to them but I was screaming the whole time.

They eventually killed every one of the beasts, I was glad to see it.

You have killed them all. It’s a wonderful job you did. There is on part left of this quest. Get out! Maybe I was rude, but they where just as dangerous as the creatures that where slain. I watched as one recalled, and another just left from what remained of the rift I had opened. Either way the current threat was settled.

My real concern now was learning how someone could have done this. Was it deliberate? Lets start with a who shall we first? Well the red face showed up right before it happened…

But could he really cast a spell that could do a plainer shift? Who knows… he’s from another world, Maybe Delia would like to add this to her list of questions for me? Lets go find out.

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