As the stage curtain closes.

A soft hand laid upon her now crimson flesh. It was the loving hand of a mother and a mentor… As her time came to an end a new beginning was found not just for herself but for all humanity. Her death signaled the beginning. She was a control freak and she could never let go until the end when the only choice she had left was to choose to die. It was not an easy path, she was full of fear, excitement, disappointment, sadness. Yet with everything she had come to know over her previously never ending existence she never thought it would feel so sweet. She was survived by her adopted children, however many there were now. As she closed her eyes, a prayer left her soul and floated upon a golden leaf into the heavens. "Guide them, teach them to love each other, and never forget the sacrifices that were made." It wasn’t painful as her soul left her mortal coil, it was peaceful, it was longing, it was desired.

Sasha now had all the tools to recognize her fate, to plan accordingly, she could teach her no more. She had been disappointed but she knew that the child she carried would teach Sasha to love herself and to love another unconditionally without greed, or selfishness. Perhaps this was the makers plan all along, to create a human which was more human than the rest. As many might have seen the frailty of humans as a weakness, she knew it to be a strength. She had hopes they would push on, they would do more, they would do better than she could have done and maybe that would be her penance to watch them suffer without her to intervene. He flesh laid upon the empty grass knoll rotting away until nothing was left. It was here she wanted for Trance to deliver her to her punishment. The grass was wet still and stained from the blood that had run from her body as if trying to escape death itself. Everything in her wanted to survive, wanted to live, but she couldn’t her time was up.As she left her body, she watched her past self rise from the ashes of that burned tent. She watched as the humans rose and fell over the eons as a spirit. It was like horror in repeat, over and over again she watched. Until she could repeat it from memory, every word spoken by every creature for a million years, she knew it all. This was her hell, watching but never being able to change anything.

This is something she both lamented and cherished at the same time. She was never truly alone, and over the centuries she watched as she saw her friends, her family, be born, grow old and die. It was the most devastating thing that she would ever experience. Who knows how many times she witnessed the past, present, and future. Eventually she looked beside her and saw a familiar figure. There was a woman with Crimson hair and fair skin, an awkward look about her, but a smile on her face an a tear in her eyes. Neira was shocked for a moment before she realized who this was.

"You… You are her? The she, the one, the beginning, the end." She stammered out so many words but the figure didn’t respond. The woman turned to face Neira. At this point she already expected that this is when the real trouble began. The figure raised her hand and caressed her cheek softly, and in this moment tears fell from Neira’s soft blue eyes, "thank you, thank you" she uttered, "Thank you" was all she could say and then as she closed her eyes and looked down, everything ended and there was no more pain, no more suffering, no memories of the past, of the present, of the future. There was nothing left, a blank slate and darkness. There is no telling what became of Neira the Necromancer after death, sure there were stories, and legends, but now the truth was gone, all that was left were two lonely gods sitting upon alabaster thrones, in a jungle known as life.

The End.

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