and as before.

And as in the past The Daughter of Grace descended from the heavens and set foot on the crest of Ilaria. She sighed having lost most of her belongings, she would not let those heathens who drew power from her dark cousins bind her soul to that pound of flesh. It always took a few moments to regain a human visage when she arrived again. Soon her wings fell to her sides and her shoulders formed, her hair slowly rusted from gold to red and she shrank into the flesh that was most acceptable.

She looked around filled with bitter anger and quickly sent out a ping for the children and her youngest cousin. It wasn’t long before she could hear Sunielle’s tears across the landscape she followed the cobblestone path to the manor of Mauzen Zhau’nil the regent of Narrow Haven. There she met more than one of his forms, collected a few of her belongings, and had a brief exchange about the fate of Sunielle and Astraeous. To be honest Arianna could have cared less of the tiefling, he could rot and die for she didn’t feel comfortable bringing a demon into the realm of the gods where both she and Sunielle belonged.

There was an exchange behind the scenes one not visible to Mauzen. Sunielle knew as most Aasimar did that they were cast to walk the crest of Ilaria unless certain circumstances presented themselves and with the otherworldly threats the gods and children of the gods were to come home back to their own realm but the tainted demon flesh of Astraeous would prevent them from entering. She pleaded with Arianna and her heart was moved. She collected the children from Mauzen and then opened a rift in the fabric, a white gate. So as before Arianna, disappeared carrying both the children away, not into the realm of the gods but somewhere lost in time.

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