An Olive Soaked Blade

Adair stood there, frustrated in his travels across the land, he felt weak. For a time he simply was ready to give up. There was a new clerist here now, Andal, he knew that meant Methalas wasn’t far behind. The words reverberated in his head, "I will call on you.", it echo’d from Andal’s mouth and right into the forefront of his mind. ‘Fine’ He thought as he stood there over the ogres, the strange creatures they didn’t have in his world, ‘I’ll prepare for war I’ll fight if I must, to protect Delia, and save this world. I must forget my pitty and my loved ones and venture forth no more as a healer but as a warrior reborn in the blood of my family and love ones. I’ll stand where others will not and others can not. Push forward into the indignity that is the shame of murder and slay the foe’s that stand before me. Honor be damned, today I create a new honor, the honor of the survivor.’ And with this thought Adair went hard to work.

Using age old tactics he became proficient and applying and becoming immune to minor poisons. He even would coat his blade in an Olive colored potion that when splashed on him and his enemy would revitalize him while incapacitating his enemy. One swing after the other made him stronger and quicker than he was before. His mind was centered on ending this fight no matter what. It was only a matter of time that he met up with other warriors either training or searching for renowned in these dark caverns. He was getting ready to fight. These warriors were odd, they took sick pleasure in these "hunts" and that didn’t sit well with Adair. They were friendly enough, they spared with him, taught him things he wouldn’t have imagined. They flung magical curses on him an, other spells and Adair become resistant to these effects as well.

Often times his mind wandered back to his Delia, he wondered if she would be disappointed with him, if she would even recognize him anymore. He couldn’t focus on that stuff long he become more and more like the creatures of this land something about the landscape and this world empowered him to do things he couldn’t do in his world. He would even notice that old wounds slowly were healing and disappearing it was a strange effect the world had on him, naturally he didn’t like it. As he was becoming this new person his armor sadly was not keeping as well. It slowly and surely was gaining etchings and he wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t also becoming more malleable. It was time to start looking for new armor he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it either.

And so our priest, turned warrior faces a new challenge before seeking to end the score with Methalas once more… Armor shopping.

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