An Easy Job

"Ceara, meh bank chest please." Blake pauses for a moment and thanks the lass for retrieving it. He places a few gold coins into the box and tells the banker about a dungeon he had found.
"Full o’ elementals! All diff’rent colours! Copper ones, Gold ones, Dark ones, and some that looked loike Valoroite!"
The young lass seemed not much to care. But the story piqued the interest of a certain Lady Dark Elf. Blake had met Scala before but had only spoken briefly with her. She approached the Ranger about the cave. She even said she would pay him to show her where the Valorite Elementals dwell.
"Ye wanneh pay me ter show ye a few elementals?," Blake shrugs. "Ahh ‘ell. Oi’ve nothin’ but toime anyways."
Hawthorne escorted the Dark Elf through a moongate and northwest around a mountain range. The journey was long but the route was fairly safe. He kept his eyes on the ground and to the trees. He had a tendency to track as he strolled. Never know what might be around a bend.
After a three hour walk, the pair came to a blacksmith’s hut. And a set of rail tracks leading into the mouth of a mine. "Thes es the place. Many elementals insoide. All diff’rent koinds o’ colours."
The Lady Elf seemed skeptical but offered a heavy coinpurse for the information. She insisted Blake show her in at least for a few steps. He lit a torch and led the way. She smirked as she saw the first group of Earth Elementals spotted by a few Dull Copper ones as well.
She then offered the Ranger another job. She told him she would return later to this mine and insisted he follow her through a portal.
Upon arrival through the mooongate, Blake saw a large gaping crater. He knew not where the pit led and he was unsure he wanted to venture inside. Hawthorne loves a good scouting trip; often times wandering into caves alone for the thrill of sneaking past some of the most horrific beasts in the land. The Lady Scala asked the Ranger to scout this dungeon and report back in writing what he found inside. Blake nodded and prepared himself for the descent.

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