An Attempt to Help

*As Thronna lay in her bed at the Lafeath Tryneathem Library & Temple on Dagger Isle, her fever spiking again and unable to sleep, Cyreth (the keeper of the library and the High Priestess of the Lafeath Tryneathem family temple), mixed Thronna an herbal tea mixture of green tea leaves, ginseng, and dandelion, as Thronna drank the tea, Cyreth cast a sleeping spell upon her.*

Thronna lay in bed asleep from the tea and the sleeping spell, she tossed and turned, deliriously. Her latent empathic abilities reaching out with her mind to her friends from Narrowhaven and to all the people who resided there. She felt their pain, anguish, confusion, frustration, and helplessness. She felt it in all of them not only from the ones suffering from the plague but from their loved ones as well.

Since she came to Narrowhaven, she had made friends and she came to really care about the people of the town. She wanted to help, she needed to help.

She remembered reading some pages from one of Cyreths’ family Grimoires before, Cyreth caught her and took the book away. She remembered Cyreth telling her she was not ready for such strong spells or rituals. Even with knowing that the King had purchased a book with the cure in it and the mages and alchemists at the academy were working on the cure. She needed to do something to help everyone, she could feel all their despair, she could not let anyone else to die from this plague.

She tossed and turned for quite some time before Cyreth left to get the herbs for more tea, as Cyreth had also been stricken with the plague, and knew she would need to make much more.

Thronna got up from the bed, her eyes staring intently, went to the bookcase and reached behind some books to where Cyreth had put the Grimoire, she put the book on the desk and turned page after page looking for something that would help, and then she found it. A ritual of protection and healing that just might help slow down the plague long enough for the mages and alchemists to finish the cure.

She copied the ritual, put the Grimoire back and gathered the materials, candles, a dagger, herbs, a bowl, her new staff that the King had given her, two empty vials she would fill, one with dirt from the earth and one with water from the ocean. The ritual required the invocation of all of the elements, she could produce the fire and air. It also required some of her life force, but that did not matter as long as it helped everyone. She left the library in a trance, her mind thinking of nothing but completing the ritual. She went to the mountain and gathered the dirt, then to the ocean and gathered the water, then headed towards Narrowhaven.

She reached Narrowhaven in the middle of the night. she walked around the entire town, encircling it. She settled in the road near the well and the tavern. There she began the ritual.

Taking her staff she drew a casting circle in the dirt, then placed a candle in each of the four directions, then a bowl in the middle of the circle.

She walked to the east candle and lit it

I beckon thee, element of Air,
guardian so effervescent and free,
to give the gift vitality and mutability,
to help these people in their quandary.

She then walked to the south candle, lit it

I beckon thee, element of Fire,
guardian so warm and passionate,
to give the gift of power and protection
to help these people in their plight.

Then to the west candle, lit it

I beckon thee, element of Water
guardian so forceful yet tranquil
to give the gift of healing
and help these people in their dilemma.

Then to the north candle, lit it

I beckon thee, element of Earth,
guardian so rooted and so grounded
to give the gift of all life and prosperity
help these people in their predicament.

She returned to the center of the circle and knelt before the bowl.

She gently blew air into the bowl
"By the power of Air, I call thee"

Then she cast a small fireball into the bowl
"By the power of Fire, I call thee"

She then poured the vile of water into the bowl
"By the power of Water, I call thee"

She then took the vile of dirt and poured it into the bowl
"By the power of Earth, I call thee"

She then took out the dagger and cut the palm of her hand, then making a fist letting the blood drip into the bowl
"By the power of the Spirit, I call thee"

"Eternal Elements of the Universe, I call thee
I give of my lifes blood and energy.
Take them as you will to heal and protect these people."

"Protection around me, protection surround me, I call upon you to protect the people of this town.
Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. I invoke the elements of the universe.
By the twin moons, Trammel and Felucca, Protect this town and its people and keep them safe from all negativity, harm, and evil forces.
Watch out for them and embrace them. As I will it, so shall it be."

Picturing in her mind the outline of the town and all her friends that were connected to it. As she concentrated on the power of the spell, letting her life force guide the surrounding energy from the elements into her body, filling her with the purest of energies. Leaning her head back and stretching her arms out wide, she then released that energy, out of every part of her body to wash over the town and all its people.

"Healing thoughts sent in flight
bring the blessing this very night.
Send this healing energy from above
Surround my friends now in healing love. "

After finishing the ritual, she picked up the bowl, and one by one went and blew out the candles and picked them up. Still in a trance and now extremely drained of almost all her life energy and weak from the plague and the loss of blood she used in the ritual, she headed for home. She collapsed just outside in the snow.

Cyreth heard a noise outside the library, she looked out the window and saw Thronna collapse, she rushed to bring her inside. She was burning with fever and was pale. She noticed the cut on her hand and as she put Thronna to bed and bandaged her hand. She could sense that Thronna had used almost all her life energy. She said more to herself than to the unconscious Thronna, "Whatever it is you have you done young one, I hope it was worth it, as you may not make it thru this one."

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