Amnesia & Murder

Delia still felt weak after her strange collapse at her house, with Fenrir, however she knew she needed to get up and out of her bed. Perhaps Adair would worry if he didn’t see her about. She certainly couldn’t tell her parents about it. If she did, they’d insist upon her returning home, no matter what. So, she pulled herself together, put on her most comfortable robe, and headed towards the Narrowhaven keep to check on things.

When she arrived, the keep was empty, as it had been so often, recently. She wondered about Adair, and where he was. He was gone so much, and she missed him. Thoughts of the upcoming auction and debutante filled her mind once again. So many things to think about. Scarlet was home and safe, thank the heavens, but Samael was still on the loose. How did Scarlet get free? Did he release her? Where had she been? These questions also danced through her mind, along with her myriad other concerns. Engale, what had he been doing at her house, and how did Michael Reignes even know where she lived, much less get into her flat? What had caused her collapse, in the first place?

Her head spinning, she sat, putting a small hand to her forehead. Too much to think about, too much to think about…

She heard the double doors opening, and she leaped to her feet, grabbing for her staff which had fallen aside. Who was it now? Samael? Michael Reignes? Had Adair returned home? Had Lucius returned? Could Lady Nymahel finally have come back? Her nerves were as shattered as Scarlet’s, any more. She didn’t know where to turn next, and every little sound set her off.

It was Scarlet, and she looked ragged. There were circles underneath her eyes, and her expression was grim. "It’s just I…" she said.

"Oh, gods, I am so glad to see you!" Delia breathed in relief, a smile beginning to caress her lips, "I swear, I’m becoming as paranoid as you these days!" Then she took in Scarlet’s countenance and her brow furrowed softly. Something more was wrong. What else could go wrong?

"What’s wrong?" Delia asked, stepping over to Scarlet in concern.

Deep worry lines creased the tiefling’s brow, and her expression remained serious, "Don’t worry, it’ll all soon be over," she attempted to reassure the young woman, "I’m offering you a gift, today." Delia was confused; since when did a gift come with a frown? And what would make it "all over soon"?

"A gift? What gift?" She asked, suspiciously.

Scarlet paused, as if trying to buy time, before replying, simply, "Freedom."

"Scarlet, what are you talking about? Freedom? I don’t understand."

"Freedom, before I die." She lifted her hands, pulling Delia close, as if needing her, and Delia wrapped Scarlet in her arms in return, her eyes widening in fear, "You’re not going to die!" Oh, what was that Samael up to! He had to be behind it! What could she do? What could she do against him? "I’d kill whomever tried to harm you, Scarlet! Why do you think I wish to kill Samael? I love you!"

"Oh, some say we feel our last hours…" She frowned sternly. as if in effort to control herself, control the situation.

"You’re -not- going to die." Delia looked over Scarlet’s shoulder, as Miluda stalked into the room. "Who is going to die?" The Drow asked, but Scarlet went on, pulling Delia’s attention to herself. "Just kiss me and everything will be fine," but Scarlet didn’t look as if everything was going to be just fine.

Delia pulled Scarlet in as she would have a concerned child, "Everything -will- be fine, Scarlet! I promise!" She quickly and gently kissed her on the lips, trying to reassure her. As she did, the world seemed to spin, and she felt herself fainting. She fell back upon the chair, as Scarlet gently let her go. Delia put her hands to her face, trying to hold on to herself, while Miluda just watched her, and Scarlet’s crimson gaze set upon the floor.

After several minutes, Delia slowly looked up through her fingers. Where was she? Ah, the keep. She looked around. How did she get here? Then she saw Scarlet, standing nearby, her expression almost mourning. "Scarlet? What are you doing here?" What day was it? What time was it? She looked around and saw Miluda, that Drow that followed Scarlet about. She didn’t like her, didn’t trust her, so she looked back to Scarlet again.

"I don’t know. I just woke up from a nightmare," she said, as she wrapped her veil around her face, not looking at Delia, trying to hide her emotions from the girl.

The young medium’s brow furrowed, softly, as Miluda commented, "Again with her nightmares…"

Delia’s hand lifted to her brow again, disoriented and confused, "I feel odd…. faint."

"Perhaps you truly have caught something Delia…" Scarlet remarked, still looking away.

"I think," Delia struggled to find words, to orient herself. The answers felt just beyond her grasp, "I think… maybe it’s the…" Then she simply fell back into the chair, futily. She just couldn’t recall. She tried to think of the last thing she remembered; that would be that Scarlet had been made Duchess, and she and Miss Nym were Baronesses. The thought went through her mind that she was going to see Adair. Yes, she loved Adair, of that she was certain, but everything else was a blank. She struggled to find the words, then simply gave up.

"I can’t -remember-…"

"You should have some water perhaps. This summer is way too warm oddly," Scarlet offered, motioning to Miluda, who stood up, grumbling as always, and head out towards the stairs to the kitchen. She returned in a few moments with a glass, handing it to Delia, before turning to Scarlet and pronouncing, "Anyway, I’m going," before turning and leaving abruptly again, as was her way.

Delia sipped at the cool water, still puzzled and trying to figure things out. "I think you’re right. Maybe it is the heat," she commented, looking up to Scarlet again, "Maybe you should sit if you’re not well, either."

"I don’t know, my mind runs these days," Scarlet stretched open her sleeves, as if in letting some heat escape.

"Have you seen Miss Nym about?" Delia asked, trying to latch on to some memory.

Scarlet shook her head, "It has been a while. I used to see her quite a lot."

Delia frowned, "Strange. You’d think we’d meet more often." That was why she was here, clearly, they must be having a meeting of some sort, Delia surmised. "Are you sure you’re all right?"

"Everything is fine, of course."

That was when Delia caught sight of something moving on the floor to her right. Rats, she assumed, looking over, then creasing her brow in surprise, and turning a bit on the chair, "Something is leaking." It was a strange, bubbling pile of black goo, which, as she watched, slowly began to rise and form. Delia leaped back from the chair, not noticing how Scarlet had suddenly calmed. It rose into the form of a man. His robes were black, he had curling horns sticking from his hood, and the only thing she could see inside the cowl were glowing red eyes. "Ahhh…" the figure sighed, as if in apparent relief.

Delia looked quickly over, "Scarlet! Move! This doesn’t look good!"

The red eyes turned upon Delia, then, "Don’t worry, it’s just me."

Delia stepped back further. "Who are you!?"

"Interesting," the figure said, as he looked to Scarlet, and she moved closer to him, as if pulled by strings. He reached out for her, to Delia’s dismay. She had no idea what to do about it, but stood there petrified, dropping the water on the floor, hearing the glass break as Scarlet was turned in the being’s arms. Her back was towards him, but his eyes were on Delia. Scarlet simply looked resigned, perhaps even relief in her eyes as he wrapped his hands around her throat. With a supernatural quickness, Delia saw him pull on Scarlet’s head. Her head snapped to the side, unnaturally, as the light was extinguished in her eyes and the figure caught her body.

Delia let out a scream and fainted, crushing the shards of glass underneath herself, the water soaking into her robe.

It was some time before she awoke. She pushed herself up, as if from a sleep, confused. What had she seen? Had Scarlet truly been there? How did she get here, in the keep? She held on to her staff for support as she walked over to where the nightmare had happened. When she looked to the ground, all that was left was a bit of crimson cloth. She lifted Scarlet’s veil from the floor and peered around the room madly. She had to get help! Where did she get help from? It wasn’t just a dream! The proof was clutched tightly within her hand. Delia ran out the doors, trying to get the guards’ attention, then frantically made her way into the town square.

Bastiaan, she knew Bastiaan. He had a woman in his lap. There was blood. Why was there blood? She tried to tell them, but they seemed so lost within whatever was happening with themselves. Delia was lost, too. She had no idea what to do next. She turned from them and slowly made her way back towards the keep. What was at the keep? No, no she had to go home. Her father would know what to do! She dematerialized and head towards her parent’s house for help.

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