Alone in the Dark..

The darkness came easier, heeding his call. He vanished from sight in a blink the touch of the Shroud blackening his eyes, and vanishing as swiftly as he called it to him..

Yes this was a world different then Equinox, and the interaction here.. between the Shadow Realm and the world he found himself as inherently different.. but it lent itself to a range of abilities he had not enjoyed in the land he had been reborn to.. Powers he found himself enjoying..

He had turned over and over what was to be done now that his training was nearing it’s end.. First one sharpened a blade, but one did not do to simply tuck it in one’s belt.. A blade must be put to task.. So too was it with him.. He had considered merely resuming the wandering he had enjoyed so in life.. After all the tie that had bound was gone.. he no longer had his family, his home.. nothing to keep him here..

And yet.. He was inherently vulnerable absent a place to return to.. inherently at risk.. in danger.. He had never understood for so long why his Mother preoccupied so much time with manipulating human politics, why his Father played at being councilman.. After all what was the purpose of trying to impress the kine.. He had never spent time trying to pass himself off among the cattle when he was alive..

But now, in this strange place absent the safety net and the protection their long years of building had made.. he saw the merit to it.. There was more of course.. Absent Ombres, and the endless blanket of darkness even daily existence was more troubling.. the sun rose everyday and though he could withstand it for sometime if he was well fed.. inevitably it would pain him.. and as he weakened, who was to say.. He could feed for now in relative safety.. but what if he chose to turn her.. even as it was how many had he ended carelessly to feed his thirst back home..

Now he had but one.. and he couldn’t risk her.. So now.. now was the reason to see the merit of an estate surrounded by servants, guardsmen.. pliable weak minds.. those that could be used.. and left to their devices, thinking their experiences odd dreams.. and if he did make the mistake of taking too much..?

Well.. work at a distant estate could sometimes be subject to unfortunate happenstance.. who was to ask too many questions.. if he was the Lord of the Land in which he chose to reside…

A small smile came to his lips as he sat in the dimly lit room of the Vesper inn.. he raised his hand outstretching his fingers, as the wisps of shadow slowly climbed his fingers lacing lazily around like twin snakes..

After all.. wasn’t he the Son of a Lord.. in his homeland a prince.. surely he could find his way back to Lordship here…

House Phyrexia shall rise again..

~Solus in tenebris~
(Alone in the Darkness)

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