Adventures in the necropolis

Bored….So bored. I mean seriously all these people sitting around smiling their fake smiles laughing to hide their insecurities, so unnecessary. The only way to truly be free is to let go of all that bullshit that bogs you down and just be. In the moment, the here, the now, the only place that matters….Ohh well they’ll all see one day.

Tristi rose from her bed with a yawn and slowly proceeded with her daily ritual. She made herself a decadent and completely impractical breakfast, got dressed in her favorite dress and slowly made her way to her prayer room. Once inside the true fun began. The man crying in the corner was not to be pitied. He was a thief and a murderer, and the bounty on his head truly meant his death wouldn’t bring sadness to anyone. and so he sat bound and gagged in that corner pleading for mercy beneath the silken cloth constricting his whimpers and moans. Trist slowly meandered towards him dagger in hand and removed the cloth. "Seriously, I’m sorry, Let me go and I swear ill turn my life around please PLEASE." Too little to late Tristi thought to herself with a devilish grin on her face. A grin that only grew as she slit his throat and slowly let the blood run down the blood grooves in the floor towards her alter. It seemed to sing as the liquid washed over its base like the love of a long lost friend. and in its song she found solace. Solace as the dark energies built in the room, as the moans of the dead became as clear as the whispers of a friend. As the world fell away to show the truth none of them seemed to acknowledge . Her home… the deadlands.

Tristi walked through the portal formed by the vile creatures pitiful sacrifice. As she emerged on the other side she relished the cold void, and the dense sea of spirits scraping and vying for her attention. "I am not your damn messenger, BE GONE" She slammed her fist into the ground scattering the spirits with a wave of necromantic energy and made her way towards the necropolis that loomed upon the horizon. The trip as all ways was predominantly uneventful. Though the deadlands teemed with souls, most of them were weak and of little note. She made note of those who seemed to be growing and feeding on the others. Marking her snacks for a later date. As she approached the necropolis the groans and moans were replaced with the sounds of laughter and the screams of torment. Beautifully dressed spirits much larger that the rest seemed to be making a sport of beating, kicking and devouring those weaker than them. They teemed with glee as they devoured the energy around them growing and cackling all in search of ultimate power and freedom. With a soft bow she tossed the fresh soul of the criminal whose blood provided her passage in the first place. Immediately a fight began for the spirit. Fresh ones tasted best, and held more power as they drained they teemed with the last vestiges of life. as she approached the door she stood in silence staring at the iron doors and smirkling with glee as they slowly swung open.

Inside the Parliament loomed. Spirits both old and new who stood with such power that they called dominance over some portion of this realm. Barons and Ladies of differing power walked and talked, politicized and preached with the best of them. The treachery and forked tongues that lent them power in life seemed to have the same effect in the hereafter. She sat slowly next to a man, his wild hair and impish grin matched hers rather nicely. "Father…" she dipped her head to him as he sat watching the bygones boast of their stature and prominence. He spoke softly as the thwart off curious ears "You return again little one, have you done as i asked" Her grin turned sour at his words as she dipped her head slowly "Sorry Pa, but the souls of the righteous seem set on their path." His scowl was immediately apparent " I did not ask much of you. Only to strengthen our folk in this land. For that i souls strong ones ready to stand for our house and banner. You will bend them, you will break them, you will boil the shadows into their hearts. And if you don’t darlin’ then i honestly don’t know what need i have for you." Tristi’s eyes turned green with flame and darkness for a moment before settling. she sighed softly straightening her dress "We all do what we have to Pa, I suppose this is going to be one of those things…."

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