A Voice for the Voiceless? (open RP)

The greyish cat with green tinted undercoat, blue-red eyes and a newish leather collar with gold name plate paced back and forth before Narrow Havens main Well there before the Inn and Bank. Her tail lashed back and forth agitated, She had asked the Elfin Female who was part of her close pack for help to see if there was magic that could be used to give her animal forms a kind of ‘voice’ so she could speak to two legged ones, perhaps not a true voice but something.

She hoped to see her newest pack member and ask him as well but any one would do, the more that were searching the faster or better the answer she would find, like hunting a elusive prey she hoped this hunt would bear great meat at the end of the run. Till the moment she could meet those to ask she would watch and wait and learn.

With a shake of her head the cat jumped onto the bench closest to the Bank and settled down to watch everything with a predatory eye unless someone came by then it was all cute harmless tame kitty widdy cat.

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