A thirsty skeleton knight

On a nice auntumn evening, Lord Lancelynn and me (Manfred Carstein) were debating what to do, we decided to go visit whatever it was that was looking for gruesome effigies. Lord Lancelynn made off with the effigy and tracked the monster to its lair while I was dictating Igor his chores while we would be away (it is always nice to come home to a clean house after an adventure). While i was instructing Igor, his eyes popped and his jaw slowly dropped open, he stammered…’ye excpecting guethth Matheth?’

I turned around and saw the walking remains of what must have once been a great knight, thou alas clearly ravaged by centuries of unlife. Understandable, the knight was looking for a strong drink and asked if i had some for him. Thou we do not run a tavern, and our neighbour, Lord lancelynn abstains from any drinks stronger than milk, we alas could not help there, since looking for leo’s stash of beach brandy was unsuccesfull as well. The knight then pointed to the liche’s hinding out at the local cemetary, saying they generally hoarded booze and were to uncivilized to share.

Well, it was not a damsell in distress (or at least not recognizable as such) I still decided to help the knight (or maybe knightess, dunno) out by raiding the liche’s winecellar, and lancelynn helped out as a good neighbour (he came back once he could not find the monster). the liches did not want to borrow us some booze, saying they did not trust the living or the living dead, and we could get their booze over their dead again body (actually, they just laughed at us, but well, that should mean the same).
after we did so, we found some vials of daemon blood on them, if something is bound to bring some fire back to some weary bones its that, so we gathered what we could find and got back home.

The knight was falling apart on a bench in fron of the house, and was more than looking forward to a stiff drink. After swallowing all the vials whole, the knight went into a coughing fit (it is strong stuff) and somehow dislodged a candlestick from inside. A very strange stick indeed, seemingly stuck there for ages and still burning, it seems to burn and grow back wax at the same time.

It seemed the knight was relieved to be rid of it and bid me to keep it, so now its on my front porch, gaining and losing mass and burning all the time. I am not spooked fast, but this does scare me some.

Manfred Carstein

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