A Sudden Addition to the Library

Stored in what looked to be a hollowed out bone of some animal were three pieces of Paper, yellow with age.

The First sheet was in Druid Script, that seemed to be untranslatable. The Second Sheet held the Translation from the First from Druid Script to Simple Common
The Last was in common as well and was a Report.

Wild Mage or Wild Magic and how to not get stuck as a tree for eternity.

If you are Reading This Young Magus you have been found with the Goddess’s Gift, and Will awaken someday soon as a Wild Magus but There is a few things you need to learn before you choose this Exalted path. As you young ones know not many ever reach Wild Magus status and that is because of the Power given itself.

First because of the Breeding everyone has all the gifts making it potent.

You Must learn Control of your thoughts, Emotions and Intent. The Magic feeds of all Three

Many a young Apprentice who did not have Control when trying out the magic would disappear in the long past only to be found days to years later as a Tree or animal unable to be shifted or shift back having been swallowed by the Magic and the Form they took forgetting themselves.

Others would try to cast a spell, but because of there thoughts or emotions, the Spell would go wrong, To Strong or Weak or a different spell entirely. Emotion carry’s a heavy effect, a Heal with hatred behind it will harm not heal

You Will gain the power to become Animals, to become all that Draws n Life itself, Plant or Beast, to command all things to do as you Wish but you can be controlled just as easy if you are not careful and treat this gift as precious.

So Children unless you have the Will to control yourselves and the very fabric of the natural World while still bending as the Willow does to strong wind you Will be destroyed. Any that wishes to back out, your Power will be sealed forever and you will be sent to learn normal Magic.

The Wild Magus Clan
There Start and Fall
Magus Elinter Thryn

The Origins of the Wild Clan is hard to say historically but Legends spoke of a small Clan being chased from one land to the next. It is said that the Head of the Clan and one other called on the Gods and Goddess
There cries heard but not as they expected, with in the Clan Six children played together, a man and women appeared and asked then something. The Answer given and for it each child a gift. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Plant, and Animal.
The Children When they grew old enough all married and as the generations passed the entire clan became fused with all the powers together, though the ability to wield it was something else.

The Power was of Nature Itself All Life from a simple Ant to the Tallest Tree to even the Ground, Water and Air. Wild untouchable Magic that This clan alone could deal with, but it is said many Daughters and Sons were lost to the Magic at first for it was said it could control as much as be Controlled.

It’s Use was Innate no real training was ever needed except that of Control and flexibility in thinking and ones Will.

The Druidic Writing associated with the Clan was a rare form only they used I am guessing it is the Pure version before time and integration corrupted it to what we know now. I found a old Primer to make my Translations that was lost a year after I was done, and sadly the Clan itself was destroyed in a raid by Under-Elf’s.
The Clan was attacked constantly by the darker skinned race because of there magic I am guessing, for no other Clans have ever suffered so many raids as that single one in all Elfin history.

Those of us that Investigated the Massacre Believe no One survived or if they did, death or Slavery is what happened. On a small note One Priestess we did find dead and rumor a year past had marked as Harmed in the last raid done, showed signs of having Birthed not that many hours before her death. Her body was found half way between the Camp and a Wolf Den, stabbed though the stomach and heart by Under-Elf weapon. There was Also set back from the Camp a Runic Circle were the Head Magus was found dead. Sadly the Runes were too smeared and scuffed to see what had been or was trying to be cast, I can say it looked to be a Powerful Spell though.

Your Faithful Servant Your Holy Emperor

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