A Step Towards Madness


A Step Towards Madness

Sitting quietly in front of the Altar, I wasn’t sure anymore. Recently, the absence or cruel lack of living presence in my cell was becoming heavy to hold. The Family members were leaving a bitter taste that seemed to infect most of my days. Perhaps, I had grown angry, or is it me that is already falling in the arms of madness? I thought I would have, as the very least, two hundred years before that happens. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe, maybe…

The silence of the statue wasn’t helping my worries either. Would he be the dark one I remember him being? Or would he be quiet, absent, ghostly… weak? I was not sure I would be able to endure one more of them acting like this. I wish one would dare ask me anything this eve. I highly doubt I would be able to keep down my words. Ironically enough, at this thought, I saw a familiar shadow approach me in complete silence. At last, someone that will have to answer some questions of mine.

– Scarlet, your violent feelings woke me up in surprise. What do you hate this much?

– I hold deep hatred for emptiness. Something you are mostly completely filled with, Asmodeus. Aren’t you?

– Oh, is it going to be like that, tonight? You have forgotten my powers over you again… A shame.

– Who has power again? Should I make you remember that you are nothing… barely existing? You need me, but the opposite isn’t true, sadly for you… what if I decided to change my mind? I could abort my plans and throw it all over my shoulder without caring much… and I have met someone interesting.

That last part seemed to shake him, somehow. I had let my arrogance guide my lips, and I have to admit it was quite distracting to see his facial expression. Oh, he was the angry one now..! Truth hurts, he always said to me. It seems to be very true, after all. I heard a raging growl, coming from him, and I had no time to react that he grabbed my hair and pushed my face close to the flames of the statue. It is not often that I can truly feel any warmth, since the temperature of my own skin was quite higher than humans… but at that moment, I couldn’t ignore it. Pearls of sweat started to decorate my forehead, resulting from a mix of heat and shameful fear of him. There are some memories one cannot ever forget.

– You will fall! I will witness your own destruction Scarlet! Pushing away everyone around you again. Can’t you trust anybody at all? I will laugh, and you -will- bring me back, because you -have- to. I am sure you haven’t forgotten what sad events could happen to you if ever you chose not to.

A noise outside my cell brutally made this fighting end and freed me from the threat of flames. I looked over my shoulder, ready to protect myself from any further dangers, but I was alone again. How can he talk about choices when there were truly only one reasonable option? That’s pure treachery. Maybe the answer to my problems is somewhere else. Somewhere over this buried prison. Somewhere along somebody stronger than me, stronger than most. Maybe, maybe…

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