A start for Hobbit lore

Hobbits are an unobtrusive but very ancient people’.

They love the Shire, with its well-tilled earth and well-ordered towns.

The Hobbits are a stalwart race, strong of fibre and deep of character. They live to an average of around 70 years, and remain hale until late in life.

They are small folk, smaller than dwarves and rarely over four feet in height. Hobbits dress in bright colours, wearing no shoes or socks on their hairy feet.

They are quiet-footed folk, silent in their movements and watchful of ‘The Big Folk’, especially since the troubles of (enter year here), when Sharkey’s men terrorised the Shire.

Still their relations with the Men are cordial, and some Hobbits even choose to live outside The Shire in Narrow Haven and other nearby towns, with the Big Folk.

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