A Sealed Parchment Letter to the Noble House of De Clare

To my esteemed Lord Sigmund de Clare;

It is my solemn duty to inform you that your brother, Lord Adair de Clare, self-titled King of Narrowhaven, has met an untimely demise upon the Field of Honour, defending his name in a duel to the death. At his own choice and behest, he has chosen to not return to his body, but instead return his spirit to his ancestors. His Highness, Adair de Clare fought valiantly to the death, and his body shall be returned to the land he has chosen as his own, in Narrowhaven.

Your brother was a noble man, who brought honour to your family name. His death is a great loss to us all. You have my sincere condolences and sympathy.

Your’s Truly;

Baroness Delia Blacke
Narrowhaven Academy of Arts

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