A saga reaches it’s end

For nearly three decades Adair was always presented with hard paths. He followed his own moral compass to lead him and those that came to follow him towards some kind of salvation.

Nearly 20 years had passed since Adair had run away from home as a teenager. His father passed away in battle, his mind confused and distraught. He ran further that most of his privilege and rank would have. He found himself in the midst of pirates, for the first few years we was raped quite often as a cabin boy upon ships he was slaved out too. After a while he didn’t even mind the torture, he started to enjoy it with a bit of Brandy on his tongue. As he grew he eventually mastered the bow, mostly in secret from throwing knives against the wall and when he was ready he escaped and stole a very precious round gem from the captain of the pirates. This gem imbued with magical properties, that were even unknown to him, granted him great favor in the eyes of those around him. With the assistance of his Grandfather, Adair made it back to civilization. There he spent a great deal of time trying to blend in, refusing to return home to the life he once knew, and the mother who missed him greatly.

During the first few years of his adult life Adair’s magical prowess became quite well known. He was casting complicated spells and targeting foes with deadly accuracy. He learned to hide and stealth around to survive. Revealing himself only to those who really needed to know he was there. It wasn’t long before Adair sparked the attention of the Moonglow Justicars. He ran for ages trying to hide his magic now, using it to survive wasn’t enough any more he now has to become aggressive and start to target his enemies. Adair ran for several years before Clerist finally caught up to him and stopped him.

He pleaded for his life, begged the man to let him go, but he knew that his life was forfeit. He as most desperate men in his situation prayed for salvation, prayed to be freed from the mans prying grasp. Maybe it was his tears that convinced him to release him. He made Adair promise something that day. To undertake the paladins oath and protect the weak and punish the wicked. So he underwent the cleansing. Adair’s soul was ripped from his body and thrown into a pit of darkness and dis pare. He fought countless monstrosities with only his spirit before he finally came to rest back in his body. It had taken him two years to pass the cleansing, nearly twice as long as other squires, but he never gave up. As soon as his strength recovered he started his pilgrimage to the shrines of the virtues. Discovering the paths before him. Adair had choice to swear to the paths of Sacrifice, honor, and compassion. Choosing to live by these principles he continued onward on his journey.

He joined the New Trinsic Militia and with them battled countless evils and protected the realms till a fateful day where Adair lost trust in its leader and vanished.

At 27 Adair returned home and assumed his fathers title of Count of Britanianna. It was only a year before the dragons were released from their cage and tore the world asunder. Having barely survived that, he managed to wake up on the shore of Narrowhaven, what was then a barren dump. Brick by brick he pieced together the village now known as the kingdom of Narrowhaven. Sacrificing time, money, life, he developed a new civilization for man to be proud of a new "home" for many.

Yet hi adventures did not even end here. Countless battles with new foes, and old ones pressured Adair until his will finally broke. He crafted his most dangerous Paladin spells and trapped them in a book and sent it out to the source of much of the danger. Reports of success flew in.. finally some peace… but not before the truth surfaced and the facts remained. This God was still alive and Adair had failed… Soon all the fingers were pointing at him. He had enough and casted a Holy spell and before he knew it he was looking down on his body. Nobody knew how often he prayed for the end, yet it refused to come.
The gods restored his body and he simply walked away…but now he lays in bed, sulking, tired, and afraid for his kingdom he built with his very hands. What will become of this Old soul?

(I think it’s getting about time to put this character away indefinably he is 808 days old and he’s been through a lot. There are more quests and stories than I know what to write about. I’m going to give him a week then Adair will go gliding quietly into the night)

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