A Purpose…

I once had a purpose in life, it was to destroy very powerful, evil monsters, bosses if you will. Each day I would return to slay them, sometimes by myself, sometimes with my Lady Friend, sometimes in large groups. My goal was to rid the land of these horrific plagues. Despite being destroyed each day, somehow they would return. I told myself I wanted to slay them for good, to never have them return, but I was lying to myself. One day, several weeks ago I ventured to a place where one of these creatures is often known to lurk. He was not there, only then did I realize I was smiling, as my smile turned to a frown at the unexpected disappearance. Across the land I scoured, searched every dark place these horrific creatures would frequent. They are gone. I should be happy, it seems my goal is complete, but happiness eludes me. I’ve taken to the bottle now, to idle away the hours. It seems, it was not the goal that drove me, it was having a purpose. The purpose and glory that was to slay these horrible beasts. I was a hero, at least in my own mind. Now I smell of booze, and my beard is crusted with dried food, a shadow of my former self, I am without purpose…. I could never wish for these monsters to return to the land, but secretly, in my heart, I do wish that…

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