A Notice Pinned to all the important places

Dear Citizens!

Times have been dark and only will become darker. News of a threat from the west has reached our door step. It is no mystery that the city has been suffering and now its time to embrace and embarrassing truth. Sadly the coffers are empty and there is nothing left to defend the city. There is no money for arms, guards, or basic supports and even our most trusted friends have turned their backs on us. It is time for us as citizens to gather our axes our broomsticks and our rocks and defend this town only as a town filled with the life blood of the light bringers can do. I will fight with you on the front lines personally until the moment of my last breath, so help me god, I will fight to my death to protect you. This is my oath, my honor, my pledge.

*Stamped with the house seal of De Clare*
Lord Governor De Clair

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