A new clan

Hooked Snake


Luck or bad luck? Destiny made me fall into her hands. Like an unaware fish she hooked me and left me without choice. I have to say that my first days on land were almost surreal to me, so many new things to see and learn, a whole new world to explore! The landwalkers didn’t accept me as I feared. Called me a snake monster and persecute me. If it wasn’t for my stealthy talents I wouldn’t be here anymore. I felt like an easy prey, trying only to survive and hope to outwit the natives of this lands. But I wanted to continue, without a clan I wouldn’t survive much in the oceans, and maybe I could still pull out something from this new world.

I believe she felt that when we first met, and her alluring manners caught me without guard. I was given two choices, death or join the family. I felt so frustrated to have position myself between the sword and the wall that I just wanted to laugh. All my life I have been so careful and cautious, but here in foreign lands I just turned myself into what I always feared. A toothpick for the smarter and bigger fishes and she surely was one.

Maybe it was all for a greater good. I got a new clan and thus the protection that I needed so much, and it doesn’t differ so much from my older clan. I can’t simply trust anyone except her, as I am forced. Yes we are all connected because of her, but doesn’t mean anything for me, the others are just peons like myself and don’t represent anything for me. I can’t help but to be always looking at my back, specially with Selena around.

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