A New Beginning

Merrick had been travelling the lands .. seeking searching. After almost turning to the dark side and sliding a bit onto this "grayness" people seem to accept in these lands, he did not like what he was becoming. He took a journey to cleanse himself of the "taint" that was brought on him by certain godlike entities. Merrick searched long and hard and reached down into the depth of his soul and grabbed ahold of his true being once more. He has now vowed to seek the guidance of the light once more. He has vowed to crush the darkness that took his family, friends and lands of old. He will seek out all and any evil and drive it back to the depths in which it came.
Merrick sat in thought in his Fortress. He has decided to build another church, for it seems the other has decade and vanished from the lands… This church will house the ones who follow light. It will aid those who seek to push evil back to where it came. It will house the Army of Templar Knight. Merrick also realized this will be a long and hard fight for it seems the darkness has spread to the desert and the road to Narrowhaven from Mythndale. He will grow a force worthy of clearing the lands of this pestilence. Evil shall not walk about openly without fear of being driven away any longer.
Merrick stands and assembles his gear he had cleaned and oiled and prepares to head out and start recruiting strong men and women who will stand behind him in what will be nothing less than a long and hard fight against the forces of darkness.. corruption, "grayness" ….against all Evil

So.. begins a New Beginning….

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