A Missive sent to King Fenrir

Your Majesty,

We now need to search for this flower. I have copied the book to the best of my ability and given the copy to the alchemists to work from. The flower is the Rotulmina. I believe the old woman said it’s found in swamps. I have included here a copy of the map from the book and the image of the flower as well, to the best of my ability. The original volume is with me, though I fear this last trip has taken too much out of me, and I am now confined to the bed again. I feel another fever coming on. I do not look forward to the dreams they bring. I wish you luck. If you have questions, Roxana is head of the Alchemy department in the Academy and working diligently upon the issue.

Baroness Delia Black
Narrowhaven Academy of Arts

*Included is a copied map and a well drawn image of a flower*

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