A message to the humans and the rise of a new queen

As Zestra and Zelrin stand in the middle of narrow haven she knew fear needed to strike into the hearts of the rivvil. They found a lone scavenger named Denroth as the two drow stood and watched him
They knew they must use him to show the world that darkness is back
As zestra stared at him she thought to herself you would make a percet sacerfice
The two drow then beat him up and chained him and drug Denroth back to the underdark
As they entered the sacraed caves the stinch of blood and death can be smelled throughout the caverns
The two drow drug him for a long time it seemed like forever they walked in the caves
As they enterd the city of the drow Zestra told Zelrin this one would bring the others
As zestra approaches the grave yard Denroth sees the other slaves that zestra has taken control of
She slaps denroth in the back of the head and she tells Zelrin to drag him to the bloody pentagram
As zestra beat and tortured this soul with rats eating away at his skin zelrin kicks the rivvil in the back of the legs bringing him down as Zestra put her heel in the neck of the human
She spoke if you live boy you will tell the others darkness comes for them
The drow are here.
As Zestra set the pentagram on fire the man scremed for his life
Zestra made Zelrin drag the Body of the male to the thorne room
As they walk pass the spiders Zestra pets the spider as if they were her kids
Denroth stood in front of the throne shaken but alive He was then forced to bow before the new queen of the underdark.
Zestra instructed Zelrin to release the males chains as he did so Zestra began to chant she brought fourth a demon of hell.
Zelrin did not like this idea he wanted to take the males head for him self
Zelrin and Zestra argued as they Decided who was going to kill him they Look and the Male had excaped
Zestra and Zelrin vow to take the blood of the light and Burn the soul of good.

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