A Letter to Vuradin Tormtor

Dear Vuradin,

The Academy has gained a new student whom I believe would be perfect for your assistance. His name is Mauzen Zhau’nil, a Drow from another realm, who is interested in strengthening his arcana and learning Sorcery, as well as alchemy and herbalism. He is a scribe, working in Narrowhaven, and was a diplomat in his own lands (which were destroyed). It is my thought that you would be the perfect mentor for him, and for helping him gain a foothold within the lands.

If you could let me know a good time for you two to meet, I will set it up between you both.

On a more personal note, I hope you and Sasha are doing well. You should come by more often!


~ Delia ~

Baroness Delia Blacke
Narrowhaven Academy of Arts

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