A Letter to Forge Kade

Dear Mister Kade,

On behalf of the Narrowhaven Academy of Arts, I wish to make a request. We are seeking obsidian stone in large amounts. The purpose is to tile three rooms within the Academy for the protection of rare and potentially dangerous artifacts. This could be quite a lucrative job, if you are capable of finding the amount we will need, and capable of installing it.

Currently I am in Moonglow, on a research study. However, if you have questions or wish to seek me out, I will be returning in approximately a week’s time to check on business at the school. If need, you may send me a letter here, addressed to the Lycaeum, where I receive mail in my office.

It is my knowledge that obsidian may be found in large amounts around lava, if that is any help. You may need a professional to find it, as I am unsure of your knowledge of the stone, and it needs to be in large enough quantities to pare down into tiles.

Do let me know as soon as possible if you are capable of this! You come highly recommended.

On a side-note, I am interested also in installing the strongest jail bars there are over a lovely oubliette we have here. You may need to come look at it to give an estimate. Since the oubliette will also be tiled, you may need a professional cave diver to find the bottom – we haven’t yet.


Baroness Delia Blacke
Narrowhaven Academy of Arts

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