A journey into the darkness of a soul

As Dhaune Sit in the throne room,"she ponders to her self" Seems i have grown
soft,ever time,Dhaune closed her eyes all she saw was citys burning,the smell of
flesh creeped thourh the air Dhaune thought it was funny to watch them burn
Yet things were not the way the should be,Times people look at the drow as weak
* the cryes of infants called out to her as if they were tearing at Dhaunes very soul.

The voices deep within her head seem to grow louder ever passing Moment She thought
about how the Suface was rich and the Shund Her cause she is Differnt then the rest
She Started to Like the pathetic Rivvil’s, as time passed on Dhaune soon realized ever
surface creƤture from the Surface drow to the elves to the Rivvil,they all had to die
Thoughts of Murder filled her mind, Pictures Of Rivvil Hangging In the The doorways
Young Kids watching their Parrents Murderd cause of their own greed,The surface
Blood will spill,and flow Like the rivers, Dhaune Cherishes the thought Knowing she
has fallen weak, She knew she seek help Form forces unseen.

Dhaune called Zyn to the throne and told him to sedate Her for she must enter a deep
sleep Zyn Did as he was asked and grab the vial Of Sleeping Mushrooms Crushed it
into a fine yellow Liquid Dhaune begins to take a drink, She laughs as she looks at zyn
One final time before Posin takes into her system, Zyn speak Tulsharess Why
the Surface Has mocked Me for the Last time "she smiles to zyn before taking a drink"
the time is almost near,Dhaune "laughed as she Knew ounce this was over she would feel
Chaos at her fullest, She screamed out right before she passed out, She cursed the
name of all the People of the Surface for When the demons are done with her soul.

The Surface Burns…… as Dhaune Leaps into her Long Slumber Hands of fire Tears at
her flesh.

Burning soul.jpg

In one weeks Time hell Is unleashed

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