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Report Entry: One

When I was a child growing up in Cove just about everything done by the Covian Army required a report of some sort. My Father, who was a Watchman, often filled out his reports at home. Amongst the soldiers it became a competition to see who could hand in the best reports, which often included highly detailed sketches of the events….my Father struggled drawing stick figures and I was often recruited to illustrate his reports.

With the strange goings on of late I thought it best to write down what I have witnessed, if for no other reason than my own piece of mind.

It started a few days ago. A miner friend of mine rushed to my door claiming there was a horde of orcs coming through the pass. I went to investigate and indeed I did discover a large and varied group of orcs and ogres had made themselves at home in the farm lands around the pass. The raiding party was made up of Orc mages, choppers, archers & several orc brutes, as well as ogres and one or two ogre lords.

It took quite awhile to clear the invaders out. I pursued a few stragglers through the pass and found another large body of raiders on the other side of the pass. The next day I checked the area and found a much smaller group. After clearing them out I once again checked the pass and found it clear and with no other raiders sighted on the far side of the pass.

Strangely enough today when I went to patrol the area I found no orcs or ogres but instead found several people who claimed to be from the "Ironwall Company". It looked like several sell-swords and a mage as well as someone with various tools on their belt, no fighter that one.

Seeing no orcs I made my way home only to come upon what appeared to be a Yamandon. I had seen these creatures during my years in the Tokuno Islands but as far as I know the Islands either do not exist or are not reachable here. Either way the creature was not aggressive and though I am uncomfortable having it so near my home I could not bring myself to attack it since it was non-aggressive.

It has been a very strange few days!

*below are a few sketches of the Yamandon & Ironwall Company*


~End Report

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