A Important Event!!!

Sil woke from a doze with a wince, the pain in her pelvis was deeper then a normal kick, struggling up off her bed she waddled downstairs to the front door knowing the one she needed would be there.

Outside keeping a litter of three month old kittens busy so there mother could relax was a grey cat with blue-red eyes. When the door opened Rasha shifted to her two-legged form and looked at Sil, assessing the very Pregnant elf with both a Druid/healer and an animals eyes and instinct and had a feeling she knew why Sil was standing there.

“Rasha I need you to send a message to the Family I think its almost time BUT Definitely to Engy First alright?”

“All Learn no fear, go float no pop earrrrly.”

When the door closed, the Feral stood a long heart beat thinking, Unreliable but safe or reliable and dangerous.. what path to take…

For her Pack she had to risk the Magic over Birds, So her eyes closed and she gave into the Magic that wrapped and wove its way though her very core. Her body glowed the runes marking her burst into light as power and Instinct took over. The Wild Mage opened her eyes and moved to the small decorative pool, bare feet curling into the grass….Earth… A wind blew teasing playful wind bringing the scent of the sea so near….Air…. Crouching down a hand reaching out fingers touching pools surface…Water…. Head tilting up eyes half slitting to gaze at the Sun….Fire….

“Mother of all Heed my wish shape and form give birth.
A calling I plead, Powers pay heed, Help I need.
Life Givers, Life Takers Elements heed my call.
Shape by my Will, Desire my Need,
Come to me Fire, Water
Come to me Earth, Wind.
Form given to deliver a message”

The Mage Called, the power that was hers driven by her Desire her will alone shaping the magic to what she needed but it would be the Elements themselves that would answer as they wished.

A bubbling before her a sphere of water forming and floating in the air. Water for the Alpha, a proper thing this was, the Women smiled her free hand reaching out to just touch the Globe and spoke words to it, a spark and the power zoomed off to Find its Recipeant.

The Air Swirled a small air devil given life for her to see, this one she touched and spoke before it left as well.

The Earth bubbled a rocky ball formed, message given and off it went.

Then heat a fire bloomed almost scorching her before settling, it to was spoken and it to went its way.
The women stood stretching, the Wild magic whispered seductive in all the power she had, with t she could just pull them from were ever and bring them there after all. She resisted, She knew her limits she knew the power she held was one she could never control with out training that most likely would never get, because as far as she knew she was the only one of her powers.

With a shuddering sigh she pushed the power, her very Self as the Wild Mage back into the hard crystalline Core with in her, giving the body back to her Feral self.

Hopefully each messenger would find its mark. Water to Engale, Air to Lyanthir, Earth to Lancelyn, and Fire to Thronna.

The Message… “Return to the Home, for soon a child to be born of Strace blood will come.”

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