A binding sip

"Are you sure you want to find out more about it? It may be unwise to chase old stories like this one, could be dangerous, or just a waste of your time."
"Maybe, but that is not my main concern at the moment. Was she one of us?"
In response, a short haired man wearing a crimson robe, lifted a golden goblet and sneered. "She may have been, but as you saw there is only an old tale left about her. We cannot be sure." He sipped from the cup.
They were sitting at a long table, with golden plates, chalices and cutlery arranged for a banquet. One with short blond hair, wearing a dark red robe, and the other wth long cherry hair, wearing dark pants and boots with a black fabric jacket over a white shirt. They had something in common, their whitened and almost emotionless faces, illumined by the candelabrums on the table.
"The reason why some of us think she was" added the one in crimson, putting down his goblet on the table "Is because of what she did, and how. Surrounding herself with so many devotees, in a very short amount of time, looks like something we can do." He smiled, staring into his interlocutor’s eyes. "You can do it, am I right?"
"It is not the same thing." replied the other, his right hand running through his red hair. "Yes, some of us can, but then she did something with those people that destroyed her. The tale says of how quickly people started to speak about her cult, and in no time they took and killed her. And nothing about that part of the story makes me think she was a vampire, it says they simply put her down."
"There are many reasons why someone of our kind could do such a thing, simply the impossibility to control his or her hunger, could be enough. Does it remind you of someone?" said the short haired one, with an amused smile on his otherwise phlegmatic face, and he again reached for his cup.
The man with long hair briefly sighed, with his lips contorting into an annoyed grimace. "What about the chalice then, do you know something about it?" he added.
"Oh, now I understand. I should have known you were interested in that, still looking for the knowledge of the ancients I suppose." answered the other man, pensively gazing at the dark red liquid inside his wine glass.
"Some say it was the source of her power, that some demonic influence was involved but, if she was one of the accursed she probably had no need for something like that." the one in crimson said, in a sigh. "But I never saw the object, and I don’t know anyone who ever did. If you are really interested in that, probably it is still somwhere in the lands of the Empire, where she started her cult."
The red haired smiled, and took another golden cup, in front of him. "There is someone, that is already taking care of it for me."

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