[7/23/2015] Server Update: House Automatic Refresh Change

– House Automatic Refresh = disabled

There are a number of old accounts that have not been logged on in a long time that are locking up prime house locations or buildings. To release these houses to active players a adjustments has been made to housing decay.

1) If you find a house that was formally set to auto refresh and is not set to decay & you would like to claim that house Before it decays in 2 months please contact TheGuy on the forums va PM or in game with a PM and ask me about it. I will check the houses owner and see how long its been since they last logged in. If they have been gone for a considerable time you will be allowed to donate for that house to take ownership of it. Items will Not be included.

2) Additionally, if you would like to see another house auction for a decaying house please contact a GM. We will check out the house and see if the owner has been going for a extended period of time. If they have not been active we may opt to auctions off the houses content in game! … ouse_Decay
All houses will stand for 60 days until they decay. Automatic Refresh is disabled. All houses must be refreshed regularly with a door. On very rare occasions houses have been known to decay randomly on RunUO servers before their allotted 60 days. If they happens the house & items can not be replaced sorry. Consider it a natural disaster and an opportunity to rebuild!

– Removed unused code from custom tinkering defs.
– Removed duplicate using from ChooseCultureGump
– Changed Tinkering Plate to create FoodPlate.
– Changed herb in craft menu to read Basket of Herbs to avoid confusion.

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