[4/15/2015] Server Update

– Added tamable dragon, drakes, young drake, & drake eggs to the world (to Destard right now, not sure what else to put them)
– The Dragon is called "a mature drake" (5 different looking dragon variants)
– The Drake is called "a young drake"
– The Drake Hatchling is called "a drake hatchling"
– The Drake Egg is called "a drake egg"
– They are called this to keep people from getting them confused with "a dragon".
– Once they are tamed you can rename them to a dragon if you want.
– The mature drake is not as powerful as the default UO dragon. But it is more powerful then the most powerful magic summons. That’s a tung twister.

– At some point one of the programmers (Vii etc) can make a egg turn into a hatching turn into a drake turn into a dragon if they want. I will not be programming that. But the stuff is them if they want to. Right now monsters will just be added to the world.
– Also not when the server updates these tamables will get a small buff once they are skill or respawn.

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