Party Fix(s)

The issues with party should now be resolved. The way party invites is simple:

Person invites another person to party with /add or the add to party context menu. This forms a party and the person that did the invite is the leader.
Everyone in the party may invite others to the party (if they are not in party) with the /add or the context menu. If the inviter is not the party leader then they are suggesting to add another member to the party. This will bring a confirmation to the leader of the party, if the leader agrees then they can accept and it will then ask the expectant person if they want to join your party.

If you are already the leader there is no change.

This will prevent multi parties that causes so many glitches inside of parties.

both /add and the context menu should have the same checks now (except for LOS is likely still in the /add section and not in the context menu option).

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