[10/12/2012] Hunters Hall, Hit Contacts, Thief Jobs…

In Narrowhaven we have been adding Quest Boards that will hold a large number of quests. All of these quests are meant to help foster playing uo in one way or another. Either to give you quests while your hunting or foster role playing.

Putting the quests on these boards will really help cut down on the amount of work it takes to get a quest into the world & it drastically cuts down on the number of NPC quest givers.

We will still add NPC quest givers into the world as a way of getting quests. We will also still be running live events and all that.

On a side note. The XML Quest System is not full proof. If you find a bug or loop hole that lets you abuse the system please don’t actively take advantage of it. If we catch some one abusing the quest system we will make sure they stop doing it…

All of these quest boards can be found in Narrowhaven.

In Narrowhaven, Outside The Black Fox Inn
New Player Quest Board
This board will have quests for new players to use during the beginning of there character development.
Quest Board
This board will likely hold creative, active, & custom fun quests that the GM’s toss into the world. It could have random world boss spawn quests. It could also have a smattering of random quests on it. Etc.

Hunters Hall: Quests
In this building there will be lots of hunting quests. They are not really meant for farming purposes. They are here so as you go hunting either solo or with friends you can grab which ever quests you feel like hunting for that day. As you kill those monsters that you would normally be killing not only will you get the loot from them but you will also get quest points & a little extra gold.

Quest Board: Assassin Hit Contracts
This board will contain hit contracts on NPC in Narrowhaven and throughout the world. Players can also submit hit contracts on other players that can be fulfilled by killing that player. These quests are specifically meant for roleplaying purposes.

Quest Board: Thief Contact Jobs
This board will have thief jobs. You will be asked to steal a number of items in Narrowhaven and throughout the world to complete these Thief jobs. If players wish to participate they can setup a thief jobs to steal things from player houses. These quests are specifically meant for roleplaying purposes.

Crafting Quests
We will also be adding quests for crafters. These will either replace BOD’s or be in addition to BOD’s

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