[01/28/17] – Addition to Narrowhaven Reward Tent

I received a strange request from someone today, about an in game way to determine the actual age (in real time) of your character, not just the age of your account.

There are a number of features in the game that depend on timers, such as joining some NPC guilds, or having status as a young player. There is also the stat reward given to all characters on an account when your account reaches a certain age.

You can, at any time, determine the number of days your account has existed by opening your character’s profile on their paperdoll.

The account age is always listed at the bottom:


You can now check the creation date of your character by going to the Narrowhaven reward tent and running up to the crystal ball outside the tent.


It will only ‘talk’ to one player at a time and to avoid spamming it has a 1 minute cooldown.

I tried several other methods, including gumps, direct messaging, and even ASCII messages however they didn’t display right or were cut off after the integer for month was displayed. In any event, there you are! I had some interesting ideas while tinkering with this that might be leveraged later, more to come on that!

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