Tussaud Homestead A fresh Start

House Tussaud, has sent word out to All major Towns, the flyer reads as follows:

"City life becoming to Crowded? Looking to settle down, under the protection of a Private Militia? Or maybe your a guard, tired of breaking up bar fights, and want to Fight beasts like the good old days. Well the Tussaud family, has grown tired of the city hustle and bustle as well! So Anthony Tussaud, and his family plan to settle a new small village, that will thrive off trade, farming and crafts. And as of now there is plenty of land that can be built on. Don’t have the money but have the urge? No Problem, Find Anthony Tussaud, and Discuss a plan to get your home up and started! we will set out soon to find a land to settle in. Those who wish to join the Homestead must merely apply."

The information that follows, has listings on where to send your bird to with its application. (ICQ: 642271940)

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