Thoughts of a Paladin

Merrick walked his wife Scarlet to the bedroom and spoke with her a moment before she retired for the evening. Once she was in bed, he gave her a kiss good night and walked over to sit by the fire. As Merrick sat starring into the flames for awhile, and often turning to gaze at Scarlet as she drifted off to sleep, he had so many thoughts running through his mind. Once he knew she was asleep he stood and watched her a few moments more, her beauty unmatched in all the lands he thought. At that moment he felt compelled to go and write her a letter, even though as he walked to his desk he couldn’t begin to think what he would even write about.

He sat down at his desk, sliding the Book of Truth over a bit so he had a bit more room. He then got his quill and ink and some parchment and began to write…..

My dearest Scarlet,

I feel compelled to write you this eve. Why you might ask? well that is a good question, but I am all the same. My mind is swirling with all that it has confronted in the few weeks. I sit here baffled most the time and wonder if this isn’t some deep dark dream I am in. I awake everyday though and it seems I am not. That day I arrived at the Narrowhaven bank and gazed upon a woman talking to a squirrel. The moment your eyes met mine, my heart was stolen. Then a guard showed up and request your presence at the castle right away on some matter of urgency. I was very thankful I decided to follow you for this guard led you to a cave instead of the castle, as I am sure you recall. From that moment on, after meeting the dark robed man and standing between you and him, we have not been far at all from each others side. For this I am truly thankful for every moment we have shared. They have not all been pleasant but I would trade then for nothing. Even now as my mind is confused about so much, it remains clear on how I feel about you.

My mind is very trying to deal with so much right now. I made a deal in which I lost my soul for a time, and even though it is back, I still know the dark robed man is not finished with me yet about a certain issue. Yet he has returned in need of our aid.

We were wed, and are now Duke and Duchess of Mythndale. We have a town to protect, and serve. We are busy with these matters endlessly. Building, funding, dealing with all these issues of growing this unprotected town into a great city some day. Our church is built, thanks your guidance and designing, looks absolutely amazing.

We are dealing with issues from the Narrowhaven on an issue dealing with one Neira, a necromancer which has somehow seemed to ha bent the minds of the new King and others of power. Or is it this man named Engale that for the life of me, I cannot figure out why these people follow his words. Then there is Trance, who like many of these other people of mysterious power, cant tell you something so you can understand it, but speaks in riddles and songs.

And now, just yesterday I met another robed figure, this one of the colors of which I dress. tells me to call him "Father". I know there is something dangerous about this one, as well as all the others we are dealing with, but something is different. I was not happy, as you know, of this "deal" you made with him. I truly hate this one for that, but still I cant explain how there is some type of hold on me. I am being drawn. I hear his voice, his laughter. I feel his will. At first I planned to fight him, yes, those where my first thoughts, but, once he listened to what I wanted and told me what could become….. well, I find myself drawn even more

* As he sat there writing, without thinking reached into a pouch at his side and retrieved a small amount of red powder and brought it to his nose and sniffed.*

We have so much to do my love, and yet so many issues to deal with which I fear we have not much control over. Who do we trust? It seems to me for the moment we trust no one, for it seems no one trust us. I know I can only trust one right now and that is you Scarlet. I trust you will every bit of my existence.

* Merrick then curled a small smile to his face as if he just received some good news *

So my dearest Scarlet, I am writing to you to tell you that no matter what befalls us in the upcoming days of our life together, I will be here. I will be standing at your side with my arms about you for support if needed. I will stand in front of you and guard you from anyone who disrespects you or tries to bring harm to you in any way. I care not who they are. Whether they are these dark robed, god like ones, to any man or woman or beast who stands before you and wishes you any bit of harm. I will do whatever is needed to protect you and walk by your side till we both leave this world. I know you have heard these word from my very lips before, but I felt compelled to write them to you. I want you to understand that no matter what issues arise before me, I will not waver from my course even if it mean the end for myself.
Your beauty so powerful, in one moment it steals my breath away. Yet in the very next it restores it to save my life each and every time I gaze upon thee.

From the moment I saw you
My heart was stole away
I knew this in an instant
but I dared not say

As the days slipped passed
And time went by
Walk together we did
Side by side you and I

As much darkness surrounds us
My mind can very clearly see
Meant we were to meet
And forever I will love thee

I will close this now, for the night draws late and I will bring myself to our bed and lay by your side. Just know this my beautiful wife, I love you more and more each and ever day, and I will continue for the rest of my life.

With all my love


When he was done he took the letter and brought it down and placed it on her mirrored dresser by the rose he had got for her. He then, after readying himself for bed, quietly slid himself under the covers and held his lovely Scarlet. As he felt her warmth and listened to the rhythm of her breathing, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, even with the a haunting voice laughing and pulling at his mind.

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