[SVN 786][9/22/2013] Server Update, Mysticism, Enhance,Smelt

Trance did a WHOOOOLLLEEE bunch of the bug items in this update. He probably did 80% + of bugs we had in our working list!! Thanks trance!

– Added 3 new sets of leather artifacts
– Adjusted the Grobu
– Added new developer resources to the website
– Updated developer resources on the website
– House doors now required a key for both directions
– Weight reduction container no longer display drop message to get rid of spam
– Mysticism / Wizard Spell: Sleep, added sound & animation, added DoHarmful
– Mysticism / Wizard Spell: Mass Sleep, added sound & animation, added DoHarmful
– Added new artifacts to loot table
– Added new artifacts to imbuing crafting gump
– Mysticism / Wizard Spell: Purge Magic Spell, now drains an opponents manna. If they run out of manna you inflect a small amount of damage.
– Added barrels & closed lid barrels to the carpentry menu
– Added revealing action to doors, no more hiding when opening or closing doors.
– Added Enchanted bool to BaseCreature. Allows for summoned creatures to be enchanted by enchant spell, making the summoned not dispelable.
– Kelphiron Follower added. Base Skeletal Dragon; HP and STR doubled; Blockers to reach Dragon God Kelphiron.
– Enable Enchant Spell.
– AnimateDeadSpell now lets you control the undead creature you summon, since they are now dispelable.
– Removed Blank.txt (template file, unneeded.)
– Mystisam / Wizard Spell: Enchant, Added EnchantSpell, Makes summoned creature unable to be dispelled.
– Any BaseArmor, BaseWeapon, BaseClothing, & DragonBardingDeed will now smelt down into 1/4 th the metal.
– Blacksmith Enhance change: Chance To Enchant = Skill / 2 (if smithing and hammer then + hammer bonus)
On Failure: divide chance by 2. If you are in this new chance then break item (keeps this low for early levels, and raises the chance to break in higher levels.)

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