Codex of Law [Narrowhaven — 09/08/13]

The following is excerpts from the Codex of Law for Narrowhaven.. the book’s pages are filled with the steady flow of Fenrir’s scrawl. While there are unwritten rules that are common knowledge within the world, it was soon made apparent to the King that some laws needed to be explicitly explained and detailed as to prevent abuse that could lead to Narrowhaven’s untimely demise.

.. as written by the hand of Narrowhaven’s King, Fenrir

I. Definition of Borders, Lands and Kingdom

A)) The ‘border’ of Narrowhaven and any territory owned by the Kingdom is declared to be the edge of the territory/town in question – the ‘edge’ is where the buildings end on the outer edge of town, and then extend beyond such by two hundred steps, or as far as the horizon can be seen in the cases of bordering oceans. Any roads connecting two towns/territories owned by the Kingdom, or connected to an allied state, will also be considered under control of the Kingdom.

II. The unspoken rules of the World..

A)) Respect all who have not done you or others wrong, this includes harassment.
* Those who disrespect others for reasons of class, race, religion or status will be jailed depending on severity.

B)) Do not submit false, inaccurate or half-truth information to authorities in relation to major events in the world.
* To be dishonest about occurrences such as treason, possible invasion, or any other event that may have a significant impact on the kingdom, or the world itself, is considered grounds for immediate jail time or more, depending on severity of offense.

C)) Do not force others into any sexual acts without their explicit consent.
* Those who break this law with sufficient evidence submitted proving so will be executed.

D)) Snooping and theft will not be tolerated.
* Offenders will be jailed or exiled depending on repetition of offense or severity of offense.

E)) Do not harm, kidnap, maim or murder Innocents.
* Offenders will be made to suffer the same fate of those they have done wrong.

F)) Do not conspire against any Kingdom or State that you are resident of.
* Conspirators that are proven with sufficient evidence during trial to be actively seeking to upset their kingdom or state will be executed.

III. The Laws of Narrowhaven

A)) All unspoken laws are in effect within the Kingdom’s Borders.
* The penalty for breaking the unspoken laws will remain the same as stated.

B)) All entities are welcome within the Kingdom’s Borders, so long as they follow all laws here in stated by this Codex.
* Those who break a law will be punished in accordance to the law they broke.

C)) Anyone within the Borders of this Kingdom will not be exempt from these laws, including royalty. No amount of influence, status or wealth will detract from the punishments.
* The same punishments will apply, no amount of bribery will render a judgement of exile or execution obsolete.

D)) Bribery to sway the influence of those who live within the Kingdom will not be tolerated.
* Offenders will be heavily fined, and if unable to pay the fine, will be put to work to acquire the missing funds.

E)) Impersonation of citizens, residents or royalty will not be tolerated.
* Those caught impersonating others will be marked immediately with magic, so they can never be mistaken for another again. Any attempt to try to impersonate again after being marked will be grounds for execution.

F)) Those criminals who are not exiled or executed will be made to work in the Mines for the duration of jail sentence.
* Those who shirk their sentenced jail time or attempt to flee will be executed on the spot.

G)) Do not throw your litter upon the earth, for others could be harmed by stepping on the object you drop!
* Offenders will be jailed for varying amounts of time, depending on repetition or severity of the offense.

H)) Do not seek to exact justice on another if you are not a guard for the Kingdom.
* Please report all criminals and lawbreakers to the King or Captain of the Guards, vigilantes will not be tolerated. If you wish to become a guard or militia member so you can, please speak to the King.

I)) Mounts, pets and summoned entities are not allowed within public establishments (i.e. banks, taverns, shops).
* First time offenders will be escorted out of the building, whilst repeat offenders will have their pets and summoned entities executed, with the owner being jailed or exiled depending on repetition or severity of the offense.

J)) Do not create, gather or move an army within the borders of the Kingdom without approval of the King.
* To do so will be regarded as a threat against the Kingdom; all in the unapproved army will be executed immediately.

K)) Always be clothed, not everyone appreciates your naked charisma.
* Offenders will be promptly robed, repeat offenders will be jailed depending on repetition of offense.

L)) The exportation and importation of artillery, explosives, gunpowder and unknown magical artifacts or artifacts of extreme potency must be reported to the Academy’s Headmaster, Narrowhaven’s Taskmaster or the King BEFORE shipment proceeds.
* Offenders will have their goods confiscated immediately, and will be detained for questioning.

M)) Rituals of either Magical or Religious variety must be done within designated areas, and only with approval of the Headmaster of the Academy first.
* Offenders will be jailed to undergo a trial, the trial is to determine the severity of possible outcomes that could have resulted from the ritual. Severe offenses may result in severance of ties with the Academy or exile from the Kingdom.

N)) The use of any magic besides the traditional Bushido, Chivlary, Mysticism, Magery, Necromancy, Ninjitsu or Spellweaving within the Borders of the Kingdom is strictly forbidden- unless such is performed within Narrowhaven’s Academy, and only then with the permission of the Headmaster and all magical arts teachers.
* Offenders will be put on trial, with severity of offense determining if the offender is exiled or executed.

IV. Punishment for Wrongdoings

A)) Those that have committed a crime are subject to varying degrees of punishment, ranging from jail time to immediate execution. It goes without saying that minor offenses will receive minor penalties, whilst major offenses will incur the wrath of justice.

B)) Minor offenses include those that have done another a slight wrong, such as littering or disrespecting another.
* Minor Offenses – One hour jail time, or a fee of three thousand golden crowns.

C)) Moderate offenses include those that have broken a law repeated times, or has done something severe in nature such as attempted to steal an item.
* Moderate Offenses – Three hours jail time, or a fee of ten thousand golden crowns.

D)) Severe offenses are those who have committed a treacherous act, such as kidnapping or breaking a cardinal rule.
* Severe Offenses – Twelve hours jail time, or a fee of fifty thousand golden crowns. Possible Exile from Kingdom.

E)) Blacklist offenses will only be given to those worthy of Justice’s Wrath. The Maker willing, no one will do something so foul.
* The worst offenses imaginable will result in immediate trial, with result of exile, execution.. or even immediate execution.

V. Addendum

A)) If for whatever reason, that you; a citizen of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven, feel that a law is out of line or unreasonable.. or a punishment is too light or too harsh, or perhaps there is a law you would like to see.. seek an audience with the King of Narrowhaven to discuss details about your concerns.

VI. Of Nobility and Royalty

A)) The following is the levels of status currently within the Kingdom, from greatest importance to least;

Those of Royalty…
The King and Queen, Supreme Ruler of all Narrowhaven’s Kingdom, including Territories and Townships there-in
The Duke and Duchess, Rulers of Narrowhaven’s Territories
The Baron and Baroness, considered Rulers of One City within the Territory of the Duke and Duchess

Those of Nobility…
The Count and Countess, Owners of One Township within Narrowhaven’s Kingdom
The Viscounts, considered the Leaders of the Knights, starting as a Knight themselves
The Knights, those of common birth who have had their bloodline deemed worthy of Nobility

B)) Those who come to the Kingdom and are of noble or royal birth should have proof in the form of two items; Patents of Nobility and Family Crest. If you are found to have no such proof or evidence of your status as a noble or royal member then you will not be formally recognized by the Kingdom as such.

* Patents of Nobility should detail your lineage for a minimum of two generations, this means a family tree that at least starts with your grandmother and grandfather, and branches down to where you rest on your family tree. Also include any children you have brought into the world, or any siblings born with you that share the same blood.

* Family Crests are emblems displaying several pieces of your family’s history; including a shield as the main body that is to be etched and flanked on either side with symbols related to your bloodline’s professions, a family crest above the shield that represents the animal most akin to your bloodline, along with a saying beneath the shield that represents your bloodline’s views. All of these details should be done with your house’s chosen colors. This is so that your bloodline can be represented within the King’s Court should a meeting of high importance or priority takes place.

C)) Those of common birth who marry nobility or royalty will be elevated to the same status as their chosen mate. It will come with all the same powers and responsibilities, and be held to the same expectations. Any children born will become of noble or royal birth depending on the family’s status.
* If the one of common birth within a relationship is to separate from their chosen noble or royal mate for any reason, then the one of common birth will lose that elevated status. The children borne of that relationship will also lose their status of noble or royal birth and be sent to live with their common borne parent. Only those commoners who have wed nobility or royalty, who have died due to natural causes or an honorable death, will have their children still retain their status as nobility or royalty.

D)) In order for those of common birth to be recognized as a noble, the King himself must first knight the commoner in question, and the knighting ceremony must take place before a group of Noble peers. The ceremony should be gathered in front of the King’s Estate front gates, and the ceremony is to be made public with all allowed present. Only with overwhelming approval from the commoner’s Noble peers should the ceremony proceed, and thus lead to the Knighting of a Commoner.
* When knighted, it is the Commoner’s Duty as a new Noble to acquire formal documents; including their Patents of Nobility and their Family Crest. They will be held to the same standards as other nobles and have the same expectations and responsibilities as detailed by the King before the Knighting Ceremony.

E)) Common Birth may not become royalty without first becoming nobility through being knighted by the King, unless the commoner is married to a person of royalty.
* The King may seek to upgrade the status of a Noble to that of Royalty through the approval of the Duke and Duchess, Baron and Baroness.

F)) In the event that there are no royal bloodlines within the Kingdom to be able to take control of the throne, the people themselves who have taken residence within the Kingdom may choose a noble to become King out of popular opinion.
* If in the event there are no heirs to the throne, no royal bloodlines, and no nobles to choose to become the King of Narrowhaven, then those who reside in Narrowhaven may choose one of common birth out of popular opinion.

VII. Servitude

A)) Those servants who come to the Kingdom of Narrowhaven under ownership of another will have their binding ties formally recognized, and be expected to uphold any prior commands or engagements there-in made known before and after their arrival to the Kingdom of Narrowhaven.
* Failure to follow the commands of your Master or Mistress will result in any punishment the Master or Mistress believes feasible, with harsh punishments such as sexual abuse and execution to be withheld until the servant and their owner leaves the Kingdom of Narrowhaven.

B)) Those who are within the Kingdom of Narrowhaven may not interfere in the binding ties that tie a servant to their Master or Mistress, no matter what one might feels about this servitude. You are to respect others’ differences as made known earlier within the Codex of Law.
* Those who try to interfere in the binding ties of a servant and their Master or Mistress will be punished in accordance to Law pertaining to the Unspoken Rule of Respect and the Kingdom’s Rule of All Entities Welcome.

C)) Masters and Mistresses cannot seek to subjugate the people who are within the Kingdom of Narrowhaven, nor can they seek to control any of the Kingdom’s Nobility or Royalty. All new servants must be acquired outside of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven’s borders.
* If caught trying to enslave a free soul of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven, the Master or Mistress will be forced to relinquish all servants to the custody of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven and there after be banished from the Kingdom of Narrowhaven forever. If caught trying to subjugate and control one of Nobility or Royalty that is belonging to the Kingdom of Narrowhaven, the penalty is relinquishment of all servants to the custody of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven, followed by execution of the Master or Mistress who tried to enslave the noble or royal in question.

[[More to be fleshed out and added very soon!]]

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