A Missive to Engale Strace

Dear Engale,

It is my sad news to tell you that Arianna Thanos is not allowed at the Narrowhaven Academy of Arts. She is clearly imbalanced, and shows absolutely no respect to anyone. If you are capable of taming this child, and she shows the correct respect to others, and can behave like a young lady, rather than a rabid baboon, I will reconsider. As it is, I do not need this type of behaviour (flamestriking, talking back, acting up, not listening or behaving in any manner what so ever) in the Academy where there are other children. It is clearly against our rules.

I have sent her with the King to his wife, as you had requested. Good luck to you, and may the Godesses be with them.


Baroness Delia Blacke
Narrowhaven Academy of Arts

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